Community, Parents and Staff Spread Generosity at Jewell Elementary

Story by Leslie Fajardo
APS Communication Team Intern

Jewell Elementary School has plenty of reasons to be thankful these days.

An anonymous couple from the community, who have no students at Jewell, donated $643 to go toward student meal balances in order to support students eating every day. Although Principal Patty Lewis informed the couple that students were not going without food, they insisted on offering the money in what will go down as one of the most generous acts of kindness in Jewell’s history.

There have been several other recent acts of generosity at Jewell, including:

  • A community member recently donated 30-40 hand-knitted hats to Jewell’s Parent Center/Clothing Bank.
  • Jewel parent Xochilt Alamillo is earning internship by being the School Community Liaison during second semester. She works four days a week overseeing the food and clothing bank, bagging 100 bags of food to send home each week, greeting new families to the school, and translating parent communication on the marquee, email messages and parent letters. She has been a tremendous asset to Jewel.
  •  Another Jewell parent picks up trash around the school and does not want recognition for this.
  • Longtime APS community member Janet Kiota has helped the Buckley Air Force Base National Guard with picking up food from the Food Bank of the Rockies and delivering it to Jewell every Tuesday.
  • King Soopers has also donated $25 a month for buying food or bags needed for the weekend food program.
  • Smoky Hill United Methodist Church donated a huge bag of items filled with personal items for students. A Jewell teacher belongs to this church and coordinated this donation.
  • Jewell has also been fortunate to host nearly 30 students from Regis High School, who worked two weeks at Jewell as part of a community service focus for all juniors and seniors at Regis. The Regis students worked directly with students in classrooms and were tremendous role models for Jewell students.
  • Jewell has also had a group of volunteers who have dedicated their time several days a week in classrooms tutoring students. They are able to provide the one on one support and attention that some of our students need. Other volunteers are working in the classroom with students and the teacher.

“We are grateful for the commitment of our school community and our staff and students,” Lewis said. “We value every partnership we make, as all our efforts are to support the social, emotional, physical and academic needs of our students. It is such a kind and great gesture of support for the commitment we have to our students.”