APS Students and Staff Team Up to ‘Go Green’ for Green

Through the Aurora Public Schools Green Stars Program, students and staff are collaborating to reduce their environmental footprint and their hard work is paying off two fold. In addition to the reward of a thriving planet, schools enjoy monetary awards to foster energy-saving initiatives.

Green Stars engages students and staff in fun, creative and memorable energy conservation efforts. From school environmental clubs to food waste reduction programs and student-rated teacher report cards that reflect the implementation of conservation best practices, the program is a hit.

Congratulations to the following spring 2015 Green Star Energy Challenge winners who collectively earned $29,043 in cash awards presented by the APS Energy Conservation Department:
• Aurora West Preparatory Academy
• Aurora Quest K-8
• Dartmouth Elementary School
• Elkhart Elementary School
• Fletcher Community School
• Fulton Academy of Excellence
• Hinkley High School
• Rangeview High School
• Vassar Elementary School
• Virginia Court Elementary School

The winners exemplify excellence in engaging students, positively impacting the environment and effectively educating others.

APS is thrilled to witness students and staff working together toward a better tomorrow. Their efforts in reducing schools’ natural resource consumption levels are noteworthy.