North Student Earns Jack Kent Cooke Young Scholars Award

angela and loretta
North Middle School Health Sciences and Technology Campus eighth-grade student Angela Serwaa-Marfo earned the Jack Kent Cooke Young Scholars Award. North staff member Loretta Erickson, right, has served as a mentor for Serwaa-Marfo in a variety of ways.

Story and photos by Gloria Morelia
APS Communication Team Intern

Angela Serwaa-Marfo, a high-performing eighth grader at North Middle School Health Sciences and Technology Campus, recently earned the Jack Kent Cooke Young Scholars award.

As one of 60 nationwide scholarship winners, Serwaa-Marfo will be able to realize her full academic potential with the financial support of the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, which is good through high school.  The scholars program will enable Serwaa-Marfo to participate in high-quality extracurricular activities and prepare her to be a competitive, well-informed applicant for the best colleges and universities in the nation. 

“I want to use this scholarship to help me excel and to explore my opportunities for college,” said, Serwaa-Marfo.

Serwaa-Marfo loves to volunteer in the community and is currently taking the Aurora Lights class at North, which will play a big role in her life because she aspires to go into the medicine field after she earns her degree at a Colorado university.

“My ultimate goal in life is to leave the world better than how I found It,” a smiling Serwaa-Marfo said.