Lyn Knoll Student Puts the “A” in Attendance

There are nearly 200 days in a school year and Lyn Knoll Elementary student Andraine Sinaga has never missed any… for the past five years!

The studious 11-year-old has never reported tardy or absent since she enrolled at the school in first grade. Lyn Knoll Principal Andrea Tucker recently honored Sinaga with a plaque during a special assembly celebrating the student’s remarkable dedication to education. The school also devoted a plaque to highlight students who accomplish the same goal in future years.

Sinaga looks forward to a new chapter of life in the 2016-17 school year as a sixth grade student at Aurora Quest K-8 (a magnet school for gifted and high-achieving students). She hopes to continue this amazing streak throughout her middle and high school careers.



Lyn Knoll also recognized students who have never been tardy or absent the entire school year. Bravo to the students below for a job well done!

- Audrey Castrejon, First grade
- Randy Cespedes, First grade
- Mark Hernandez, Fourth grade
- James Prosky, First grade

Aurora Public Schools applauds students across the district who have demonstrated the same level of commitment to education. We are impressed and encourage the students to continue leading by example.


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Students take an active and ongoing responsibility for their learning.