Columbia Fundraiser Puts Teachers in Sticky Situation

Columbia Duct Tape Fundraiser 01Just like the stomach-dropping announcement of a pop quiz, Columbia Middle School students were recently able to turn the tables on their teachers and make them a little uncomfortable. Imagine being strapped to a large and very visible pole in the middle of the school cafeteria. Then, add being suspended a foot or two off the ground. That’s exactly what several Columbia teachers endured while their gleeful students wrapped them with layer after layer of duct tape.

The masterminds behind this teasing tape treatment were the students in the Tri-M Music Club. Tri-M stands for “Modern Music Masters” and is part of the National Honors Society. Each year, they use a creative incentive to encourage their fellow students to donate for a worthy cause. And what’s better than temporarily turning your teacher into a duct tape mummy?

The club’s sponsor/music teacher, Nina Scheideman, said the students enjoy taking on a social initiative each year. This year, it chose to raise money for the Kempe Center which works to prevent and treat child abuse and neglect. Jason Hankins, president of the Tri-M Club said, “It’s a very important topic and we decided this fundraiser worked very well last time so why don’t we do it again so we can raise a lot of money.” Tri-M raised a total of $308 to donate to the Kempe Center.


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