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William Smith asked the Arapahoe County School Superintendent to start a school district in our area. This was the beginning of the Aurora Public Schools System.

He served on the Board of Education from 1885 to 1935.

The first record of the Arapahoe County District #28 dates to 1907.

In 1950, the District needed two new schools, but a bond issue was defeated. The Board of Education formed the Aurora School Authority which some people claimed was unconstitutional. The Aurora School Authority borrowed money from the bank to build Kenton and Montview Elementary. Building on a bare-bones budget, adult restrooms, teacher lounges and storage were not included. (A 1977 remodel added the missing elements to these two schools.)

For the next 20 years, the Board of Education would adjourn meetings only to reconvene as the Aurora School Authority in order to pay on the bank loan.

The architect was not paid until the buildings were completed. He allowed the design to be used again for Peoria and Fulton schools.

In 1962, school districts were reorganized. Aurora Public Schools was formed from Aurora, Altura, Clyde Miller, First Creek, Sable, and Tollgate Districts.

Special thanks to former State Representative Annabel Dunning and former APS Principal John Dale.

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