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School Safety

School and Student Safety - A Top Priority in APS
APS Emergency Line APS SafeNet - Online Anonymous Alert System
If you feel a threat is imminent or you are in immediate danger, please call the APS Emergency line at

Click here to submit your safety concern to APS SafeNetAPS SafeNet is designed to help you anonymously and securely report anything that's scaring or endangering you, your friends or your family at school.

Safe2Tell - Anonymous Tip Line for Students Metro Denver Crime Stoppers Text-a-Tip Program

Safe2TellSafe2Tell, a toll-free, Colorado tip line is available for anyone in Colorado concerned about a threat to student and staff safety. Callers may remain anonymous. The number is 1-877-542- SAFE (1-877-542-7233). 

Metro Denver Crime Stoppers Text-a-Tip

Crime Stoppers of Metro Denver now can receive anonymous citizen tips through text messaging and by web mail on the Internet.

Fostering an environment where students feel safe, secure, welcome and comfortable is a top priority for Aurora Public Schools.

In the event of an emergency, APS has the following plans in place to ensure safety for staff and students:

  • All sites have current lockdown and evacuation plans.
  • All sites have strong visitor management policies in place.
  • The APS Incident Response Team participates in tabletop exercises and full scale functional drills with our first responders and community partners, enhancing our ability to respond effectively.
  • APS has a solid working relationship with Aurora Police Department, Aurora Fire Department and the Aurora Office of Emergency Management.
  • Communication during an emergency will be sent via in-district e-mail, school staff, local television, radio and newspapers, letters, Connect-ED phone message and the APS Web site aurorak12.org.

APS Safe Schools HandbookDownload the APS Safe Schools Policies & Regulations Handbook
Download the APS Safety BrochureDownload the APS Crisis Response and Safety Brochure
View the APS Safety and Wellness Town Hall PresentationView the APS Safety and Wellness Town Hall Presenation

APS Safe Schools Policies

APS has a strong commitment to maintaining safety which includes strong policies to minimize disruptions, train staff, and fund safety equipment.

It is the district’s belief that a safe, civil learning environment is essential to increased student achievement. The district has established philosophy statements on student discipline, and on shared responsibility in student discipline. These statements, along with district policies and regulations, govern student conduct and discipline. A “Safe Schools Policies Brochure,” which outlines district policies and regulations, is provided to each of our students and staff members.

The hotline number for anonymous reporting of security concerns to the Colorado Bureau of Investigations is also distributed (1-877-542-7233).

To prepare for possible emergencies, Aurora Public Schools has formed partnerships with law enforcement, fire and rescue agencies, as well as with mental health, crisis and social service organizations.

Other APS Safety Websites

Please address concerns about student safety and academic progress to the building principal.

Safety Resources

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  • Aurora West College Preparatory Academy Presents "Cinderella's Glass Slipper"

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