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APRIL 22, 2004

Hinkley Students Raise $6,000 to Clear Minefields

Teacher, Students will Travel to Mozambique this Summer

Hinkley High School International Baccalaureate students will donate $6,000 to Colorado Adopt-a-Minefield, a program of the United Nations Association. It is the largest single donation Colorado Adopt-a-Minefield has received.

Megan Burke, a representative from the United Nations Association, will be at Hinkley at noon on Friday, April 23 to accept the check.

Hinkley IB students raised money for the project as part of the community service portion of the IB program. Throughout the school year, they held a walkathon, served a traditional African meal, and sponsored a Land Mine Awareness Day at Hinkley.

“This is a great example of kids helping kids,” said IB teacher Christine Sundberg.

Adopt-a-Minefield engages individuals, community groups and businesses in the United Nations effort to resolve the global land-mine crisis. The campaign helps save lives by promoting the land-mine problem and raising funds for mine clearance and survivor assistance. Land mines reportedly maim or kill 10,000 civilians every year.

Hinkley’s donation will be combined with $5,000 in additional donations from the Colorado Adopt-a-Minefield organization. The $11,000 will be used to clean a minefield in Mozambique in Hinkley’s name.

Sundberg is planning a trip to Mozambique with two students to observe the de-mining on Hinkley’s field and to visit a hospital where land-mine victims are being treated.

They will be chauffeured through the area in a Land Rover with their own driver and interpreter provided by the United Nations Association. A crew from the Public Broadcasting System plans to follow the Hinkley group to document their journey.

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