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Oct. 17 , 2005

Students Celebrate Red Ribbon Week with a Helicopter Fly-in at North Middle School

As part of Red Ribbon Week, students at North Middle School will be encouraged to commit themselves in a unique way to living drug-free lives.  On Tuesday, Oct. 18, the Colorado National Guard will conduct a helicopter fly-in. 

Students will have a chance to see the helicopter land on the school field and will hear from members of the Colorado National Guard, the Civil Air Patrol, a local celebrity and a Drug Enforcement Agency agent.  The DEA agent will give the history of the Red Ribbon celebration and distribute red ribbons to the audience.

“We’re working hard at North to help our students succeed.  We are diligent about educating our students and parents about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.  The helicopter fly-in will be memorable for our students.  The Colorado National Guard could have visited a lot of other schools but they chose North.  We’re excited about this opportunity for our students,” said Vicki Morrison-Sloan, parent coordinator at North.

The helicopter will land on the playing field at 1:30 p.m. The program will last approximately one hour. The event will take place at North Middle School, 12095 Montview Blvd. in Aurora.

The helicopter fly-in program is part of the annual National Red Ribbon Week celebration, sponsored by the DEA.   Red Ribbon Week is dedicated to Enrique “Kiki” Camerena, a DEA agent who was killed in Mexico fighting the war on drugs. 

According to the DEA, Red Ribbon Week is the most far-reaching and well-known drug prevention event in America. The National Family Partnership, which coordinates Red Ribbon activities nationally, estimates that over 80 million Americans participate in Red Ribbon events.
Red Ribbon Week activities encourage safe, healthy, drug-free lifestyles and is celebrated by the wearing of the red ribbon. 
You can learn more about Red Ribbon Week at  http://www.usdoj.gov/dea/ongoing/redribbon02.html.  To learn more about North Middle School, visit http://www.aps.k12.co.us/north/.




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