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Nov. 16, 2005

APS Launches New Student Information System

Keeping track of student information and achievement plays an important role in helping children succeed. Aurora Public Schools manages more than 32,000 student records daily, as well as over 45,000 contact records and 2,000 staff records. To handle this enormous amount of data, APS is replacing its current School Administration/Student Information system, or SASI, with Infinite Campus.

Infinite Campus is a program designed to give teachers and staff members access to student information, including attendance, grades and test scores. Parents of secondary school students will also be able to view their child's information over the Web. Infinite Campus will provide more consistent, timely and accurate student data than SASI with less maintenance.

A team of 45 current APS users of SASI selected Infinite Campus after evaluating four of the top-rated systems. The testers preferred Infinite Campus' more organized setup that allows staff and parents to access student data at work or at home through any Web browser. They also liked how Infinite Campus can compare a variety of student data to accurately track student achievement.

"In today's educational setting, APS staff and parents need a broad base of timely student information," said Rex Carter, Application Services Director for APS. "As a result of the district's evaluation and selection process, we found that Infinite Campus best fit our needs as a school district."

In addition to handling current student information, Infinite Campus will also keep track of historical data, allowing teachers and administrators to monitor changes in demographics and student achievement over time. Parents of secondary school students will be able to view similar information about their students over the Web and track their progress as well.

Elementary schools began using Infinite Campus on Oct. 31. Secondary schools will begin using Infinite Campus on Nov. 29. Each secondary school will notify parents when the parent portal will be available for that school.

Aurora Public Schools is one of more than 36 school districts in Colorado that have switched to Infinite Campus. By the end of this year, more than 46% of students in Colorado will be tracked using Infinite Campus.



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