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December 15, 2006


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Students Meet Reading Challenge,
Superintendent Expands Rewards

Students in APS "stepped up to the plate" when Superintendent John L. Barry asked them to improve their academic achievement. More than 100 classrooms so far have met Superintendent John L. Barry's challenge he gave at the beginning of the school year.

“Students, please accept the challenge for each of you to read 25 books," said Barry in his start of the school year speech. "The first 100 classes who have all their students meet the challenge will receive awards and prizes."

Students in classrooms from elementary school to high school have embraced the challenge. Many students and teachers developed their own short-term incentives to help students achieve Barry's greater goal.

“We started a worm to represent the number of books our students are reading," said Linda Harvey, Kenton Elementary Principal. "It has already almost wrapped around the entire school! We are also stressing the importance of reading at school and at home."
Due to the high response, Barry and the Aurora Education Foundation are expanding the prizes for the student book challenge.

The first 100 elementary classes, the first 25 middle school classes and the first 25 high school classes to read 25 books will now receive prizes.

100 elementary classrooms have already met the challenge. Carmella Gates' classroom at Aurora Hills is one of the first middle school classes to meet the goal. Based on the number of students reading 25 books in each class, that's more than 2,400 books read so far!


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