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Standards-Based Grading

SBG At a Glance

Standards-based grading measures what a student should know and be able to do at each grade level according to Colorado state content standards. Under the standards-based system, students are graded on their achievement on class content. Work habits such as class participation and attendance are recorded separately. SBG is currently used in most APS schools.

Currently, APS has planning and pacing guides in place, which include benchmarks, for the core content areas of literacy, math, science and social studies. Benchmarks and levels of proficiency in student work have also been developed for all content areas, including elective courses.

Moving toward a Standards-Based Grading System.

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As part of the VISTA 2015 vision to "graduate every student with the choice to attend college without remediation," APS has expanded the implementation of a standards-based grading system. According to Goal 1, Action 29 of the VISTA 2015 Strategic Plan, APS has:

"Provide report cards K-12 that are standards based by August 2009 for middle schools and August 2011 for high schools"

We successfully implemented Standards-Based Grading in our elementary schools beginning in 2001, in our middle schools in 2009 and in all of our high schools in January 2012. 

By moving to this standards-based reporting system at both the elementary and secondary school levels, APS has expanded upon our ability to report out on what students know and are able to do toward the standard.

History of the Secondary Standards-Based Grading Reporting Research and Development Group

After successfully implementing standards-based grading at elementary schools in 2001, APS formed the Secondary Standards-Based Grading Reporting Research and Development Group in 2008 to implement standards-based grading at the secondary level. The purpose of the SS-BGR was to:

  • Research a secondary standards-based reporting system to align grading and standards as measured by consistent and accurate student achievement data and common criteria for grading.
  • Lead and support the continuous and systematic alignment with the entire leadership and feedback groups.
  • Ensure the alignment on the end result with the VISTA 2010 and Vista 2015 vision.
  • Make final recommendations to the superintendent.

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Learn more about the SS-BGR:


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