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Action Plan

Standards-Based Grade Reporting Action Plan
revised 1/30/2011



Assemble SBG Research and Development Group and establish the Group’s Roles and Goals.

March, 2007

Create an Action Plan of the specific components/events and who is responsible for each.

April, 2007

Create a Communication Plan that centers on the specific components/events of the Action Plan.

April. 2007

Form Curriculum Standards Groups to prioritize standards for courses at each grade level 6 through 10 plus Civics.

August, 2007 – June, 2008

Form Work Habits Group to make work habits reporting recommendations.

August, 2007 – October, 2007

Develop understanding of evidence that demonstrates students have met the standards.

August 2008 – June  2009

Implement feedback loops through data teams at all sites.

August 2008 – June  2009

Support professional development through district and site-specific groups.

September, 2007 – June, 2009

Use teacher input, to develop draft of Standards-Based Report Card and Grade Book.

September, 2007 - June, 2008

Develop Evaluation Plan.

August, 2008

Develop Elementary Report Card Guidelines

June, 2008 – May, 2009

Draft new Kindergarten Report Card – Phase 1

September, 2008

Draft of Secondary Standards-Based Report Card for custom report design – Phase 1

June, 2008 – January, 2009

SBG Gradebook Trial with Teachers

August 2008 – December 2008

Practicing Teachers provide feedback on SBG Trial Gradebook

December 2008

Development Phase 2 of Standards-Based Report Card

January 2009

Develop SBG Professional Learning Plan and Calendar

January 2009

Implement grade-based reporting through gradual levels at all sites up through middle schools.

August, 2008 – May, 2009

New Kindergarten Report Card – Phase 2

June, 2009

Monitor and modify.

August, 2008 – May, 2009

Go live with Standards-Based Grade Book for middle schools.

August, 2009

Go live with Standards-Based Report Card for middle schools and its processes.

October, 2009

Go live with Standards-Based Grade Book for high schools.

August, 2010

Continue to evaluate and update Standards-Based Grading in APS


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