A charter school is a tuition-free public school operated by an independent board of directors that may be composed of parents, teachers and community members. A charter school is a school of choice within the school district, operating under a contract or "charter" between the board of the charter school community and the APS Board of Education.

Charter Schools in APS
Charter Schools
Academy of Advanced LearningGrades K-8
Opening Fall 2017
TBDMike MilesTBDFax: TBD
Aman STEAM AcademyOpening TBD15540 E. 6th Ave. 80011Farrah Martin720-222-9598Fax: 720-262-3784
Aurora AcademyGrades K-8
School Data
10251 E. 1st Ave. 80010Pat Leger303-367-5983
Fax: 303-367-5820
Aurora Expeditionary
Learning Academy
Grades PK-8
School Data
14100 E. Jewell Ave. 80012Brent Reckman303-377-0758Fax: 720-870-2610
Global Village Academy - East Campus Grades K-2
School Data
403 S. Airport Blvd. 80017Courtney Black303-309-6657Fax: 303-317-6538
Global Village Academy - West Campus Grades 3-8
School Data
16401 E. Alameda Dr. 80017Courtney Black303-309-6657Fax: 303-317-6538
Laurus Collegiate AcademyGrades K-8
Opening Fall 2017
TBDSara Taylor303-909-5089Fax: TBA
Lotus School for ExcellenceGrades K-12
School Data
11001 E. Alameda Ave. 80012Eray Idil303-360-0052Fax: 303-360-0071
Rocky Mountain Prep - Fletcher CampusGrades PK-5
Opening Fall 2016
10455 E. 25th Ave. 80010James Cryan720-863-8920
Fax: TBA
Vanguard Classical School - East CampusGrades K-12
School Data
17101 E. Ohio Dr. 80017Peggy Downs303-338-4110Fax: 303-388-4129
Vanguard Classical
 - West Campus
Grades K-8
School Data
801 Yosemite St. Denver 80230Peggy Downs303-691-2384Fax: 303-226-5529
Vega Collegiate AcademyGrades 5-8
Opening Fall 2017
TBDKathryn MullinsTBDFax: TBD

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