Accelerating Students Through Concurrent Enrollment

ASCENT is a first-year college experience program for students following completion of their senior year. Students receive one free year of college at Community College of Aurora, Metropolitan State University, Denver, or Pickens Technical College.

Red Fox College Access & Success Program
The Red Fox College Access & Success Program is a partnership between the Community College of Aurora and Aurora Public Schools with funding from the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Program with the goal to increase the number of APS students who continue at CCA.
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community college of aurora

Community College of Aurora (CCA)

CCA ASCENT students are supported by the Student Success Center and participate in a College Success class.

While working towards completion of your Associate’s degree, you will receive transfer services including visits to 4-year universities and strategic advising, ensuring CCA classes align with bachelor degree plans.

CCA ASCENT students also receive assistance applying for financial aid and scholarships to assist them following their ASCENT year. 

metro state university of denver

Metropolitan State University, Denver (MSU)

MSU ASCENT students participate in monthly student success workshops and are assigned a peer mentor to help them navigate their first year on the Auraria campus. 

MSU ASCENT students have a goal of graduating from MSU with their bachelor’s degree. 

MSU ASCENT students also receive assistance applying for financial aid and scholarships to assist them following their ASCENT year. 


Pickens Technical College (PTC)

PTC students participate in a technical certificate program designed to lead to employment in a specialized field. Job placement assistance is provided.

Pickens Automotive Class

How do I qualify for the ASCENT Program?

Pathway 1: Completing 12 Post-Secondary Credit Hours


Pathway 2: Getting College Ready in Math


Pathway 3: Getting College Ready in English


APS-Online-GraduationFull Qualifications

  • Meet all high school graduation requirements
  • Complete 12 post-secondary credit hours (100 level or above with C or better) by end of senior year
  • Be college ready in Math and English through ACT/SAT or Accuplacer/CCPT scores or, successful completion of remediation courses *Not required for PTC or certain CCA certificate programs
  • Ensure ICAP aligns with designated ASCENT program
  • Complete ASCENT intent and application form

*AP/IB and CLEP scores can contribute towards the required 12 credit hours if the necessary score is met and transcribed to college credit, by the Community College of Aurora, before May of your senior year.

Interested?  Talk with your counselor about creating an ICAP that includes ASCENT

How to Apply

Community College of Aurora and Metropolitan State University, Denver

  1. Complete and submit an ASCENT intent form by December 15, 2016. Forms can be found here.  *While the intent form is not required, final preference will be given to those students who submit a form by the deadline.   
  2. Complete and submit the ASCENT application packet. Applications are available on this site as well as with your counselor beginning December, 2016.  Deadline for submission is March 24, 2017. 

Pickens Technical College Applications are available from Margie Chavez or Scott Idlet in the Pickens Tech Counseling/Advising Department beginning January, 2017

Other Questions?

Contact Information

Dawn Post
Aurora Public Schools ASCENT Specialist
Scott Idlet
Pickens Techncial College Advisor
303-344-4910 ext. 27935

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