APS Students Create Pinwheels for Peace


APS students celebrated International World Peace Day by creating pinwheels in their art classes. The Pinwheels for Peace project allows students to think about and express what peace means to them. Two art teachers in Florida started the project in 2005 as a way for students to creatively demonstrate their feelings about what is going on in the world and in their lives. Using colored paper, scissors and markers, students assembled their pinwheels. Students also wrote down their feelings about peace on their pinwheels.
“Peace means being nice to someone who maybe isn’t nice.” - Eli   APS third-grade student
Students “planted” their pinwheels around APS and Aurora. Students from Kenton, Sable, Lansing and Dalton elementary schools placed their pinwheels outside their schools. Columbia Middle School students displayed their pinwheels in an open field near their school. Murphy Creek K-8 students paraded onto the front lawn to view their pinwheels, displayed in the shape of a giant peace sign, while the choir sang the Pinwheels for Peace song “Love Each Other.” Last year, students nationwide “planted” more than one million pinwheels in more than 2,500 locations.
“I think this project helped students think about peace in their lives and in the world. It also made them realize what was possible when they all work together and to see that many other students across the country believe peace is possible.” -Emilia Markovich Murphy Creek K-8 art teacher