Retired APS Teacher Visits Kindergarten 50 Years Later

annebrownOn January 21, 1958, Anne Brown started her first day of kindergarten at Peoria Elementary. Fifty years later, the APS retired teacher returned to her old stomping grounds to tour the remodeled school and relive her school day memories. Back in 1958, students attended kindergarten for a semester only. Brown attended Delight Braden's spring semester afternoon class. Today, Peoria has two full-time and one part-time kindergarten classes, serving nearly 80 students. As Brown toured the school with Principal Harry Chan, she shared many fond memories. "My fourth grade teacher, Peggy Ott, was my favorite teacher. She believed in me and recognized that there was something special about me," she said. Brown spent 26 years teaching in Aurora Public Schools before retiring from Virginia Court Elementary in 2006. She attended Peoria Elementary and South Jr. High School (now South Middle School) and graduated from Aurora Central High School in 1970.