SBG Update: Focus on Teacher Resources

As Aurora Public Schools moves toward implementation of Standards-Based Grading in August 2009, teachers are starting to try out new SBG tools, collaborate with others, and provide input on draft report cards and grade books.

APS has introduced a wide variety of new resources for staff use, including an SBG Teacher Forum Web site. The Web site is a social network for teachers to discuss ideas, ask questions and share practices through an online Web forum. By joining the forum, teachers can post discussion topics, reply to other members, and access a variety of resources on assessment, grading and reporting. 

"Our focus this year is shifting from SBG research and the development of recommendations to responding to the needs of teachers, principals, parents and students. We are encouraging more discussion and feedback at the school level through practicing teacher groups, input from teachers and data teams, and communication to parents at school accountability meetings."
- Rich Patterson
Student Achievement Director
Aurora Public Schools

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