Aurora Frontier Wins SafetyBucks Challenge and Chooses to “Pay it Forward”

frontier-playgroundThe Risk Management Department is pleased to announce that Aurora Frontier is the SafetyBucks drawing winner for the $7500.00; SafetyBucks is a district wide safety that challenges school sites and non-school sites to improve their safety and security awareness. Sites completed a variety of safety and security activities to earn "SafetyBucks". Forty sites participated in the safety challenge. The six top school sites earning SafetyBucks include:
  • Aurora Frontier: $5,106
  • Wheeling: $4,609
  • East: $4,114
  • Dalton: $3,916
  • Paris: $3,876
  • Lyn Knoll: $3785
The two non-school sites include:
  • Bakery: $3,495
  • ESC 4 Administration: $ 3,300.
These eight sites were entered into a drawing and Aurora Frontier was chosen the winner! Aurora Frontier staff chose to "pay it forward" by generously sharing $500 each to the other seven top finishing sites. Thanks so much Aurora Frontier for the wonderful gesture!!