Real-Word Engineering Course Readies APS Students

Engineering/Shades of BlueWho says you can’t have class on a Saturday?

A group of Aurora Public Schools middle and high school students are taking advantage of the extra day by participating in a two-hour weekly engineering course. The instructors, comprised of several current and former engineers from companies such as Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and Boeing, are teaching students a different engineering concept and skill each session.

“I believe the biggest benefit is exposure to what engineers really do in the industry,” said Raytheon engineer Stef Petryszyn. “This is not the typical classroom STEM education, but more of the application of STEM education to its results.”

Upon completion, students will know more about civil and structural engineering and have a better perspective on how engineering makes the world go round.

Willie Daniels, one of the course organizers, said the class provides a tangible perspective for students on the real-world opportunities that exist in the STEM arena.

“My hope is that they will walk away from this with a vision and goal in mind of what they want to do and be prepared to do it,” Daniels said.

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