Tollgate Teachers Ready for Research in Caribbean

Tollgate Teachers - Caribbean Research
Tollgate Elementary School of Expeditionary Learning teachers, from left, Scott Alverson, Kayla Shea and Kelly Nickell will travel to St. Eustatius to conduct research.

Submitted by Kelly Nickell
Tollgate Elementary School of Expeditionary Learning

Three Tollgate Elementary School of Expeditionary Learning teachers recently won a $10,000 grant funded by Expeditionary Learning and Fund for Teachers. 

Scott Alverson, Kelly Nickell and Kayla Shea applied along with hundreds of other teachers across the country. Only 27 individuals/teams were chosen as recipients of the grant.

The three adventurers will be studying the role that the small Caribbean island of St. Eustatius played in helping the United States win the American Revolutionary War.  They will be on the island for a week in May, interviewing locals and historians about the little known island and its significance in our country's history. 

Upon their return to the U.S., Alverson, Nickell and Shea will travel to Baltimore and interview members of a foundation who are trying to restore a Revolutionary War-era ship.  This ship, the Andrew Doria, traveled to St. Eustatius following the conclusion of the war, receiving a "First Salute", signifying the acceptance of the United States as a sovereign nation. 

The teachers will also collect the footage of the interviews and create a short documentary about the trip. Next year, fifth grade students, who study the Revolutionary War, will create documentaries about a particular event during the war.

Congratulations, Scott, Kelly and Kayla, and good luck in the Caribbean!