Dr. Pedro Noguera Continues Vital Dialogue with APS Educators

Educating a Rainbow of Children
Dr. Pedro Noguera address the audience at the Professional Learning and Conference Center.

Closing the academic achievement gap in public schools continues to be an important discussion among teachers and administrators nationwide. Renowned author and longtime educator Dr. Pedro Noguera returned to APS recently for the Educating a Rainbow of Children Conference, where he continued discussions on this and other equity issues among public school districts.

Noguera, a professor of education at New York University, is an expert on the ways that schools are influenced by social and economic conditions, as well as by demographic trends in local, regional and global contexts. He stressed the importance of engaging students in the classroom to enable them to be a willing participant in the learning process.

First-year teacher Nicole Waldorf was re-inspired by what she heard and said "it's a good reminder of how i should be building those relationships in the classroom."

Greg Aitkenhead, of Aurora West College Preparatory Academy, likes that he's in a profession that constantly forces teachers to to re-think their approach to bring the best out of their students.

"This teaching profession is a craft," Aitkenhead said. "The onus is on me to create lessons that are engaging."

Educating a Rainbow of Children