Contextual Learning Experiences Reign Supreme for North Students

North Students Visit Anschutz

There's nothing like exciting, hands-on experiences to help students engage into the learning process.

Recently, students from North Middle School Health Sciences and Technology Campus did just that when they visited the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center. During their visit, the students, who are studying in the Health Sciences Academic and Career Pathway, participated in several classes that helped them identify ways to lead healthy lifestyles. Students learned how to make smoothies and other healthy selections, read nutrition labels when grocery shopping and take care of their bodies through exercise. Anschutz staff members also educated students on health and wellness career opportunities.

"The real world becomes an inviting extension of the classroom," said APS Academic and Career Pathways Developmental Director Carol McBride. "Words and numbers make sense, challenges are welcome, thinking happens and confidence grows."

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