Veteran’s Day a Time for Reflection and Thanks

Veteran's Day - Pickens Tech
Pickens Technical College instructor Joseph Bowen, right, talks with students Mike Taylor, left, and Jim Underwood. All three have served in the U.S. military.

Joseph Bowen peeks over the shoulders of some of his students, intently watching them troubleshoot a computer’s motherboard problems. As much as he wants to jump in and help, he simply asks one question: “Tell me what’s wrong here.”

His students eventually tie up the loose ends on their own and, just like that, magic happens.

“That’s cool, isn’t it,” Bowen says.

Bowen, an Enterprise Computer Service teacher at Pickens Technical College, loves his craft, and when he sees the light bulb come on in students’ heads, he can’t help but smile. It was this premise of helping others that he learned while
serving in the United States Army. Even though he’s more than 20 years removed from active service, education and training has remained a staple in his life. 

“I have often taken the role of trainer and mentor and learned to greatly enjoy the rewards that come from helping others succeed,” Bowen said. “Teaching for me is truly living my dream.”

Bowen is one of many former military personnel working in APS, and with Veteran’s Day approaching, he steadfastly praises the holiday’s significance and far-reaching importance.

“The missions our military undertakes are meant to improve the circumstances of those who cannot fight effectively for themselves,” Bowen said. “It is important. Making a difference in the education and lives of the students we are charged with at APS is also important, and I am proud to be part of it.”


Veteran's Day - Dartmouth Elementary
Students and staff at Dartmouth Elementary School made this American Flag, which included more than 116 names of current and veteran military members from the Dartmouth community.

Saluting America
As part of the Saluting America program, APS students are joining others from several Colorado school districts to honor our nation’s veteran and active duty military. This includes participating in a tribute contest, sending special tribute cards and hosting various school activities.

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