Pre-K Students at Pickens Tech Can Zumba, Too!

Zumba at Kids Tech
APS Kids Tech teachers Nicole Bargoti and Nicole Millward lead a Zumba session with a group of preschool students.

Written by Leslie Fajardo
APS Communication Team Intern

Zumba, believe it or not, isn't just an aerobic dance exercise for adults, which kiddos at the Kids Tech program at Pickens Technical College demonstrate every week. Students ages two to five get their dance on to Kidz Bop tunes before they start the day. The children engage in dancing and singing to songs like “Roar” by Katy Perry.

This is the first year that Nicole Bargoti (Kids Tech director) and Nicole Millward (assistant) have practiced Zumba with the students at Kids Tech. Prior to teaching the students, Bargoti and Millward wrote the choreography and practiced for three months.

“All kids naturally love to sing (as we learned when we started to teach them the dances, they were singing every word on their own) and dance,” Bargoti said. “Having the opportunity to attend a fun class with your friends, well, they love it!”

Both instructors teach 56 students in six groups for 30 minutes each. Not only do the children have fun, they also combat child obesity and lead active lifestyles while they explore dance and fitness. It’s Zumba, but it is also a mechanism that helps the young students focus in the classroom. Watching the kids perform Zumba is really a treat!

“Fitness is great for any age, young or old, and Zumba is great for young kids,” Bargoti added. “After each class they say they feel stronger and that their hearts are staying healthy. They get the whole concept of exercise.”


Pickens Zumba

Pickens Zumba