Nelnet Supports APS High Schools with $1K Grants

NelnetSubmitted by Carol Davis
APS Grants and Partnership Development

For the second year in a row, Nelnet has awarded a grant to Aurora Public Schools to support food bank programs at Hinkley and Aurora Central high schools. 

Nelnet is a higher education planning and financing company, with a local office in Aurora.  The company provided $1,000 grants to Hinkley and Aurora Central to support students and their families.  Hinkley used their funds to provide food baskets for families during the holidays and to purchase supplies for their on-site food bank room, which is administered by the student leadership group.  Aurora Central used their funds to provide food baskets before the holidays to approximately 75 families, many who are newcomers to Aurora. 

APS is extremely grateful for the partnership with Nelnet and their support for our students!