Vista PEAK Exploratory Celebrates Transition to High School

Vista PEAK 8th Grade CeremonyVista PEAK Exploratory planned a unique ceremony to get eighth-graders excited about the next chapter of their lives. The celebration happened on the last day of the 2013-2014 school year.

The entire student body cheered for eighth-graders who walked the symbolic P-20 path to their high school, Vista PEAK Preparatory. Younger students at Vista PEAK made signs, formed a human tunnel, and chanted “Eighth Graders!” as the students walked to their new school.

“It was really cute and nice,” said Alexa Serratore who admitted being nervous about starting high school.

She said the event helped ease some of her nerves because she got a chance to meet her high school teachers. Serratore plans to play volleyball in high school and is excited to work on her photography.

Christopher Cornejo, a fellow eighth-grade student, said he is also excited to start high school, but the feeling is a little bittersweet.

 “I’m going to miss my teachers,” he said.

Cornejo plans to play soccer and baseball in high school. He said he was happy to get so much encouragement from the entire Vista PEAK community.

“We had everybody supporting us and that was cool,” said Cornejo.

During the ceremony, Vista PEAK Preparatory teachers urged students to start picking extracurricular activities they would like to get involved in during the next school year.

Many administrators and teachers shared the same messages with students: “Don’t be scared. Get involved! Welcome to your new home!”