Vista PEAK Exploratory Earns $10K Grant for Upcoming School Year

Vista Peak BisonVista PEAKPrograms and services at Vista PEAK Exploratory P-8 just got a major boost, thanks to a $10,000 grant from the Alliance Project. 

Vista PEAK was one of 10 metro-area schools to earn the grant for the 2014-15 school year, which will provide support from the  Scientific and Cultural Facilities District organizations for teachers in creating curriculum applications and learning opportunities for students. Using funds from the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District tax gathered from the seven metro-area counties, 26 cultural and scientific organizations have established joint funding to schools.  The Alliance Project selects one public school and one partner school in each county for a one-year residency.  The grant provides funding toward buses, substitute teachers, library support and much more to schools per teacher requests. A team of interdisciplinary teachers request outreach, workshops, and field trips that would aid in reaching standards and curriculum for a segment of the school. 

Vista PEAK seventh-grade literacy teacher Jessica Cuthbertson led a team of teachers in developing their application for the grant. Cuthbertson believes the grant will help students build connections among content areas and extend their learning through real world experiences.

"Our team was thrilled to learn we are the Arapahoe County recipients," Cuthbertson said. "This grant positions Vista PEAK as a partner with several cultural organizations across the metro area and will open doors for cross-content integration and interdisciplinary study."

The Alliance Project grant has served over 100 schools and 150,000 students in the metro area since 1997.