Gateway’s IB Students Shoot for the Stars

Gateway H.S. IB Diploma Students

It's a celebration in Oly land.

Gateway High School just completed its inaugural International Baccalaureate Diploma Program testing year, marking the first time that Gateway students were allowed to take the IB exams. Gateway's program launched when the class of 2014 started their freshmen year of high school, and those students started off in the IB Middle Years Program. Sticking with that model through their sophomore year, Gateway's IB students entered the Diploma Program as juniors and seniors. During the 2013-14 school year, students were eligible to to take the IB Diploma Program exams in May and earn college credit. 

Many students had great success, particularly in Language A, Language B and Art.  The IB Diploma Program Spanish B class scored a higher class average than the world average for that test. Several students also graduated with the prestigious full diploma, which grants them a great deal of college credit. 

Congratulations, Gateway grads of 2014! You have laid the foundation for continued success.