Kaiser Permanente Awards $200K Grant to APS for Physical Activity Awareness

Kaiser Permanente - P.O.P.Submitted by Janna Morley
APS Grants and Federal Programs

Keeping students in tip-top physical shape is a high priority for Aurora Public Schools staff members. And thanks to a grant from Kaiser Permanente, the job just got a little easier.

Under the Thriving Schools initiative, Kaiser recently awarded a grant of nearly $200,000 to APS in an effort to increase physical activity during and after the school day.

The program, dubbed the Physical Opportunity Program, will use state physical education standards to create a comprehensive school physical activity platform that creatively integrates physical activity throughout each school day. Additionally, schools will offer opportunities for the whole family to participate in the Physical Opportunity Program in various classes at after-hours programs. 

How the POP Works

Kaiser Permanente - P.O.P.POP provides physical activity breaks in the form of a Bokwa®-inspired program to classrooms on a daily basis. Bokwa® is a dance and fitness program in which participants draw letters and numbers with their feet while performing a cardio workout routine, therefore reinforcing academic concepts. POP administrators will provide assistance to schools to develop a before- and after-school or weekend physical activity program.  A committee will also create a menu of options for schools to consider in selecting activities that align with their community and school interests. Programs will include, but are not limited to, kick boxing, yoga, Zumba and much more.

In collaboration between the Division of Equity in Learning and the APS Wellness Committee, this program will focus on meeting one of the APS’ wellness policy goals, which is to provide a variety of opportunities for students to be physically active.

APS thanks Kaiser Permanente for their support in helping us accelerate learning for every APS student, every day.