An Alert from the Tri County Health Department

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Although we have not seen an outbreak of measles in Aurora Public Schools, the Tri-County Health Department has asked us to be proactive in reducing the risk of measles in our school community.  This is especially important in light of the current and expanding measles outbreak, which has already impacted Colorado with one case occurring following an exposure in Disneyland. Measles is extremely contagious and can cause serious illness including hospitalization, pneumonia, or brain infection, especially among those persons with weakened immune systems.

We strongly encourage parents and guardians to check your child’s immunization record to assure your child has received two doses of MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine. Vaccination is the only way to protect yourself from infection. Ninety percent of people who are not immune to measles and come in contact with a measles case will become sick and then spread the illness to others.

If you have questions or concerns about measles or the MMR vaccine, or if you would like the health department to review your child’s vaccine record in the Colorado Immunization Information Registry to see if they have received the vaccine, please contact the Tri-County Health Department Immunization Program at 303-451-0123. Vaccines are also available at the health department for people who do not have insurance or whose health insurance does not cover vaccines, or for families on Medicaid and CHP+ insurance. Information about clinics opportunities, locations, and times is located at

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