Game 24 Tournament Highlights Student Math Skills

Game 24 Tournament

At the APS Professional Learning & Conference Center, students from across APS recently showed off their math skills in the annual Game 24 Tournament. Nearly 50 students in grades 6-8 from 12 middle schools and K-8 schools participated in this year's tournament.

Nearly 70 students from 17 elementary schools also participated in a separate tournament.

In groups of four, students examined cards that included four numbers and calculated equations in any combination that equaled 24 using only addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. Whoever points to the card first has to explain their calculations out loud, and if they are correct, adds that card to their total score.

In the middle grades tournament, Aurora Quest's David Berg and Zak Nfaoui, Columbia's Devin Philio and Bettania Delcupp of Murphy Creek took top honors after the challenge round. The four students received certificates and trophies as middle school tournament winners. The overall winner David Berg earned a graphing calculator for his top place finish.

In the elementary grades tournament, Aurora Frontier's Michael Agsam and Yohan Young and Aurora Quest's Peter Alisky and Conrad Casebolt took top honors, earning certificates and trophies. The overall winner Michael Agsam also earned a math/puzzle tabletop game.

All competitors in both tournaments also earned medals and certificates for their excellent performances.

Congratulations to all the students who matched mathematical wits with each other in this year's Game 24 Tournament!

Final Tournament Results - Middle Grades

  1. David Berg - Aurora Quest
  2. Devin Philio, Columbia
  3. Zak Nfaoui - Aurora Quest
  4. Bettani Delcupp - Murphy Creek
Game 24 Tournament middle school / K-8 (grades 6-8) winners Bettania Delcupp, Zak Nfaoui, Devin Philio and David Berg

Final Tournament Results - Elementary Grades

  1. Michael Agsam - Aurora Frontier
  2. Peter Alisky -  Aurora Quest
  3. Conrad Casebolt -  Aurora Quest
  4. Yohan Young - Aurora Frontier
Game 24 Tournament elementary school winners Michael Agsam, Peter Alisky, Conrad Casebolt and Yohan Young

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Schools that participated in this year's Game 24 Tournament:

  • Aurora Frontier P-8
  • Aurora Hills M.S.
  • Aurora Quest K-8
  • Aurora West College Preparatory Academy
  • Boston K-8
  • Columbia M.S.
  • East M.S.
  • Elkhart Elementary
  • Iowa Elementary
  • Lansing Elementary Community School
  • Laredo Elementary
  • Montview Elementary
  • Mrachek M.S.
  • Murphy Creek P-8
  • Paris Elementary
  • Park Lane Elementary
  • Peoria Elementary
  • North M.S.
  • Sable Elementary
  • Sixth Avenue Elementary
  • South M.S.
  • Tollgate Elementary School of Expeditionary Learning
  • Vassar Elementary
  • Vista Peak Exploratory