Environmental Leaders Recognize APS Student Energy Initiatives


At the recent Connected Buildings Summit at Stanford University, Aurora Public Schools was honored with an award by Lucid as “the innovator for leveraging connected buildings to build connected communities.”

The award recognizes APS students for their work in improving energy efficiency throughout the district. Evidence of their work can be seen in perpetuity on the district’s BuildingOS web portal at www.buildlingdashboard.net/aps During the 2014-15 school year, many students have participated in district-wide energy challenges to reduce energy use and earn cash incentives. Students and staff learned to use Lucid’s interactive building dashboard to monitor and reduce energy on a real-time basis.

In April, Lucid visited several APS schools to videotape the work of students in their classrooms and environmental clubs. The video, shown to more than 200 conference attendees, can be viewed at: https://vimeo.com/luciddg/review/127507904/30567877e2

The Connected Buildings Summit attracts environmental and energy leaders in government, education and business from across the nation. A few notable attendees include John Picard, Founder of HP and Andy Rhodes, Director of IoT from Dell.

Congratulations to APS students for their outstanding energy conservation efforts! For more information please visit the dashboard or contact Julie North, Natural & Renewable Resources Coordinator ext. 28668 to learn how your school can participate in the Energy Challenge next school year.