Best Wishes, 2015 Retirees

Congratulations to Aurora Public Schools' 2015 retirees as they open a new chapter of life! Together, they have dedicated nearly 2,000 years of service to our students, staff, parents and community members. The following are just a few retiree highlights:


William Stuart
Deputy Superintendent – 29 years in APS

Stuart"I have been connected to Aurora Public Schools for over 40 years. I am a proud Gateway High School graduate and a career-long educator in the school district. I was fortunate enough to serve in a variety of roles throughout my career in APS. Whether it was in the classroom, on the football field, in the principal’s office or as a developer of leaders, I have loved every chance I had to support student learning and growth. I am grateful to Aurora Public Schools and the Aurora community for affording me such a gratifying career."


Fred Quiñonez
East Middle School Principal – 15 years in APS

Quinonez"The time has come to seek new challenges and opportunities. There are so many people to thank, memories, laughter, tears and fortunately no regrets. I want to thank my administrative team over the past 14 years each of them has had a very positive impact on my life. Most of all, thank you to Ms. Tonya Thompson. From day one her support and encouragement was relentless. Thank you, APS, for the opportunity to learn and lead."



Mary Ann Connor-Dunning
South Middle School Teacher – 39 years in APS

Ann Connor-Dunning"I am ever so grateful to have been a part of the lives of the numerous students at East, Mrachek and South middle schools as a special education and general education literacy teacher in APS. What a tremendous joy it has been to see the students realize their academic potential when, for years, they doubted their ability to learn, to improve, and/or excel in reading and writing! Often, visiting students would return to share their trials and tribulations, their accomplishments and plans for the future. What a gift! Who could ask for anything more?

Personally, I learned each and every year from fellow teachers and school personnel how to be a better teacher! Through their eyes, their different perspectives and experiences, they taught me to understand that students are more than just an academic score. My teaching ability was enhanced and strengthened by the work of so many passionate and dedicated individuals.

A dear friend and colleague frequently stated that “actions speak louder than words." My hope is that, through my actions, my students past and present, will continue to have a love of reading and a talent for writing that they will forever share with others in their lives. Their actions can only strengthen the next generation to be creative readers and writers, as well. To all of my students, it has been my honor and privilege to be your educator! To my fellow APS educators, thank you for helping me become a teacher of children! Again, who could ask for anything more?"



Kyong Kicker
Nutrition Services Assistant – 16 years in APS

Kyong Kicker"I had fun at Virginia Court Elementary School, which is where I spent my entire APS career. During my time there, I enjoyed working with such wonderful students and staff. I made several friends and hopefully made a lasting impression on the students. I will miss everyone."


 APS 2020: Shaping the Future Strategic Plan Core Belief:
Student achievement and growth are driven by a highly-effective and respected staff working as a team.