APS Earns Prestigious Award for Student-Led Energy Conservation Program

Rangeview High School students receive a Green Stars energy savers award.
Rangeview High School students receive a Green Stars energy savers award.

Aurora Public Schools has earned the United States Green Business Council’s Most Successful Community Engagement Award for its Green Stars Program. APS is the first school district in the state to earn this honor and the only one to be recognized at the USGBC Colorado Chapter’s second annual Commercial Real Estate Awards.

Green Stars is a student-led effort to promote energy efficiency and environmental education in schools and to work toward change in the community. More than 30 schools currently participate in the program, which sponsors energy competitions each semester and recognizes top performers with cash awards based on energy savings. APS has awarded more than $30,000 to schools for their efforts in reducing energy use since September 2014.

Thank you to all of the Green Stars schools, students, staff and club sponsors for their time and dedication, which is reflected in this award.

“Our hard work has paid off and every little (or big) effort towards promoting energy efficiency and sustainable projects throughout our district has added up. What an honor it has been to see our students in action!”
- Julie North, APS Natural and Renewable Resources Coordinator

To learn more about Green Stars and how schools are saving energy, visit www.buildingdashboard.net/aps.

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