Dalton’s Community Partnerships Help Every Student Shape a Successful Future



The Dalton Elementary School Dalmatians have been “spot” on with their efforts to help every student shape a successful future. Through various community partnerships, the school is bringing the APS 2020: Shaping the Future strategic plan to life.

For over a decade, Dalton has partnered with Junior Achievement, an organization that inspires and prepares youth to succeed in a global community. Through the program, EKS&H accounting firm employees have spent a full day once a year for the past five years with Dalton’s first- through fifth-grade students. The volunteers teach students financial literacy, entrepreneurship and workforce readiness skills.

Dalton also enjoys a long-standing partnership with Young Americans Bank. For the past 12 years, the bank has set up a mock city called Ameritown for Dalton’s fifth-grade students to run for one full day each year. To prepare for the real-life experience, students elect a mayor, hire bankers, establish business owners and more. They spend an entire month beforehand learning about the job market, how to interview, proper money management and other important skills.

The skills students acquire through these partnerships will undoubtedly help them implement their plans, which is an APS 2020 goal. To help students create plans more efficiently, Dalton began piloting Naviance. Naviance is a tech program that helps students align their skills, strengths and interests while exposing them to a wide variety of college and career paths.

Bravo to Dalton for being a wonderful example of the APS 2020 core belief that community members share the responsibility for student achievement.