The Lucky Seven: APS Seniors Earn Prestigious Daniels Fund Scholarship

There are seven colors of the rainbow, Seven Wonders of the World and now seven Aurora Public Schools students named 2016 Daniels Scholars!

Congratulations to the following seniors for their outstanding character, leadership and service:
Sandra Appiah, Hinkley High School
Semhal Abbady, Rangeview High School
Elvis Ahn, Rangeview High School
Humberto Meza Chavez, Hinkley High School
Yonathan Fisseha, William Smith High School
Cristian Hernandez, Rangeview High School
Chiemerie Ogbonnaya, Aurora West College Preparatory Academy

The Daniels Fund Scholarship covers all required tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies and other miscellaneous college expenses. Students earned the investment by persevering through an extremely competitive process that involved more than 2,200 applicants.



“People told me not to go for big scholarships because chances of getting them aren’t as high, so I may be wasting my time. But, my friends say I’m very ambitious. I go for things higher than most people’s expectations. If I listened to what people said, I wouldn’t have gotten this scholarship.”

– Chiemerie Ogbonnaya






“Do what makes you happy! That’s something that took me awhile to realize, but it was key in getting me this far and in earning this scholarship. When I make plans for the future, I keep them somewhat general so I have the ability to do things I can’t imagine at the moment. That’s where my excitement comes from.”

– Yonathan Fisseha



APS 2020: Shaping the Future - Goal 3:
-Every APS student will have credentials that open doors.