New Apparel Helping Vista PEAK Exploratory Students and Staff Embrace APS 2020


Vista Peak Exp Strategic Plan T-Shirts
Students like Lainey Morris, left, and Angelena Luciano are having fun shaping their own futures.

The 2015-16 school year marked a special time for students and staff of Aurora Public Schools as they joined the community in embracing the district’s new strategic plan, APS 2020: Shaping the Future. Simple in nature, the plan’s purpose is clear: to guide everything APS will do to achieve its vision that every student shapes a successful future.

Several schools have gone the extra mile to fully embrace the plan and engage their students, staff, parents and community members, including Vista PEAK Exploratory. With the help of Principal Yolanda Greer, the Bison have grabbed the bull by the horns and are doing everything possible to integrate the plan into daily school life. In addition to students using daily school announcements – aptly titled Bison Beat – to tell others how they are shaping their futures, every student and staff member was given a t-shirt as a visual reminder of their expectations. The student shirts say “I’m Shaping My Future!” and the staff shirts read “I Accelerate Student Learning!”

Wearing the shirts is not a requirement at Vista PEAK, but don’t tell that to the resident Bison. In fact, Fridays have become a popular day for staff to sport their blue and white tops and students wear their shirts as they wish.

The new apparel is a hit, complementing the college banners and pennants that adorn the school’s walls. Exploratory P-8 staff members are also engaged with their Vista PEAK Preparatory colleagues in professional development opportunities to devise new ways of getting P-8 students on the Academic and Career Pathways trail.

Thank you, Vista PEAK, for the wonderful example you have set.

Vista PEAK APS 2020 apparel
All Vista PEAK staff members are sharing the responsibility for student learning as evidenced by their shirts.

Vista Peak Exp Strategic Plan T-Shirts












Thank you to the staff and students at Vista PEAK Exploratory who created this fun video about shaping successful futures!