APS Students Celebrate Semester Internships, Honor Sponsors

EIP Spring 2016
Executive Internship Program Advisory Committee members Dale Mingilton, Diana Payne and Nelson Joo present Rangeview High School student Raymond Simanjuntak with a $500 scholarship during the Spring 2016 Sponsor Appreciation Ceremony.

Story and photos submitted by Tiffani Antinora
Pickens Technical College 

The Executive Internship Program Spring 2016 Sponsor Appreciation Ceremony was recently held at the Aurora Public Schools Professional Learning and Conference Center.  Rangeview High School students Edwin Chaing and Madison Jones served as hosts for the evening.  Company sponsors, school personnel and many proud parents attended the event, supporting students as they spoke about their internship experiences and how it will impact their future. In fact, internships are just one way that students can earn credentials that will open doors later in life, which directly aligns with goal 3 of the Aurora Public Schools strategic plan, APS 2020: Shaping the Future. 

Many students earned the President’s Volunteer Service Award for their unpaid internship experiences.  Bronze recipients Dallana Alvarez, Jebb Askew, Angel Cooper, Joseph Graff, Madison Jones, Vanessa Medina, Lana Milosich, and Monica Valadez completed 100 hours of service.  Silver recipients completed more than 175 hours of service and included Quanda Allen, Curtis Burd, Cindy Diaz, Daniel Garcia, Jazmen Gonzalez, Suehad Hamid, Raymond Simanjuntak, Kylie Taylor, Nathan Teeter, Carter Hill, and Leith Wenzel. Students Rebecca Bowers, Edwin Chaing and Sydney Hunt earned the prestigious Gold award for completing 250 hours of service.

The Executive Internship Program Advisory Committee also presented $500 scholarships to Hunt, Hill, Graff and Simanjuntak.  

Are you interested in hosting an intern at your organization? Executive Internship Program students can participate in workplace projects and activities and often contribute a fresh perspective and new ideas that may be useful to sponsoring companies. Sponsors are needed in many career areas, especially engineering, medical, and law enforcement. Please call Executive Internship Program Coordinator Tiffani Antinora at 303-344-4910, ext. 27725, for more information.



EIP Spring 2016
Sydney Hunt
EIP Spring 2016
Carter Hill
EIP Spring 2016
Joseph Graff