Students Shine at Century’s First STEM Fair


Does music affect plant growth? Does a parachute’s thickness affect its speed? How does weather affect AM radio station signals? These are just a few of the questions Century Elementary School students sought to answer for the school’s inaugural STEM Fair.

The fair presented students an exciting opportunity to showcase their knowledge and skills in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math, collectively known as STEM. STEM lessons equip students with skills to successfully execute their postsecondary and workforce plans, an APS 2020: Shaping the Future strategic plan goal.

Creative display boards decorated the room as Century’s third through fifth grade students proudly presented their findings to APS Learning Community Director Carole Jennings, Elementary Math Instructional Coordinator Jim Hogan and Technology Coach Jan Parker. The judges considered students’ visual representation of data, quality of questions posed for investigation, verbal explanations and more to determine which projects were above and beyond.

Congratulations to the students below for a job well done!

Third Grade
First Place – Aleah Parker-Keita
Second Place – Peter Thomas
Third Place – Kaia Warner

Fourth Grade
First Place – Joely Casados
Second Place – Ayden Conner
Third Place – Olivia Chamberlain

Fifth Grade
First Place – Olivia Walker
Second Place – April Petersen
Third Place – Ela Hernandez

Kindergarten through second grade students completed projects as a class. Next year, Century looks forward to hosting a STEAM Fair to include the arts!

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