Columbia Middle School Students, Teachers Get Soaked in Water Balloon Fight for Great Cause

Students at Columbia Middle School are passionate about finding creative and fun ways to help others. This year, they challenged teachers to a water balloon fight for a great cause.

Columbia’s Tri-M Music Honor Society hosted the fundraiser. Students paid $5 to throw water balloons at their favorite teachers.

All of the money raised was donated to help fellow students with special needs in the Diversified Learning Center (DLC). Peyton Gable, the Tri-M President, said she and fellow honor society members wanted to help after hearing that previous DLC fundraisers were not as successful as hoped.

"They are all just wonderful," said Gable of the DLC students. "They're excited to watch and participate."

Gable said she and her fellow Tri-M members hope to continue the tradition of fundraising for great causes.

"We're going to keep on raising money for people in need," she said.

For the past several years, Tri-M students have organized fundraisers to donate to worthy causes. Students previously donated to the Aurora Mental Health Center and Children’s Colorado.

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