APS Board Authorizes Bond Election

Click the map above to view an interactive map of proposed bond projects. in APS.
Click the map above to view an interactive map of proposed bond projects. in APS.

At its Aug. 2 meeting, the APS Board of Education directed staff to place a bond question on the November ballot. If approved by voters, the bond would fund building and technology improvements at every school in the district. To learn more about how each school would benefit from the bond program, visit the 2016 bond website at bond.aurorak12.org.

The $300 million bond measure is based on the recommendations of the APS Long Range Facilities Advisory Committee, a group comprised of community members, parents, City of Aurora planning staff, and APS school and administrative staff. The LRFAC conducted a three-year study to prioritize the most critical projects out of $511 million in identified facility and technology needs.

The following is a list of key projects included in the 2016 bond proposal:

  • Adding classroom space at overcrowded schools
  • Completing roof replacement projects and other critical repairs
  • Adding security cameras and new building security systems to enhance student and staff safety
  • Modernizing computer and internet technology at all schools
  • Repairing or replacing aging heating and air conditioning systems with energy efficient systems
  • Building a new school for Mrachek Middle School
  • Building a new 6th through 12th grade school in northwest Aurora and a new preschool through 8th grade school in east Aurora
  • Remodeling and making classroom improvements and additions to older schools
  • Constructing a building that APS may lease to a state institution of higher education to provide students with more postsecondary learning opportunities
  • Making repairs and improvements to every school district-wide

Aurora voters will decide on the bond question on Nov. 8. The proposed $300 million bond would cost homeowners an additional $1.93 per month for every $100,000 of home value.

A campaign committee called Aurora Citizens for Excellent Schools is leading the advocacy efforts for the APS bond measure. ACES members will be sharing information at school and community events during the next few months. To learn more about ACES, visit Yeson3C.com beginning Aug. 10 (NOTE: This link is pending approval by the Arapahoe County Clerk).