Aurora Quest Fourth Grader Gives Weather Forecast on CBS4!

Students across the state were prepared for weather conditions before arriving at their bus stops this morning thanks to Aurora Quest K-8 nine-year-old Andrew Bilyeu who gave today’s Bus Stop Forecast on channel 4! Bilyeu joined meteorologist Lauren Whitney as Junior Weather Watcher of the Week.

The CBS Junior Weather Watcher program provides students who love to watch weather reports an opportunity to interact with the station’s meteorologists and participate in hands-on learning. There’s also a chance for students to be featured during a live forecast, like Bilyeu. Involvement in the program offers students a wonderful way to gain the skills they need to shape successful futures.

Although Bilyeu was not able to report on his favorite weather phenomena, blizzards, he had the pleasure of sharing Colorado’s current temperatures and possible rain storms.

Check out Bilyeu's debut weather report HERE!