CareerTrek Helps Steer Students Toward Postsecondary Options

career-trekAurora Public Schools' eighth-grade students might be ready to jump out into the real world. Really. Well, almost.

Recently, all eighth graders from across the district traveled to the Professional Learning and Conference Center for the third annual CareerTrek where they met and chatted with employers and universities about the possibilities awaiting them once their K-12 education ends.  APS staff in the Postsecondary Workforce Readiness department collaborated with businesses and higher education institutions to develop relevant topics and a variety of hands-on activities to support students’ understanding of careers while reiterating the real world relevance of 21st Century Skills.  

This year's theme, aptly titled Roadmap to Your Successful Future, proved exciting and engaging for attendees and aligned with the three goals of the APS strategic plan. CareerTrek exposes students to various career fields and supports the expectation that all students will have the plans, skills and credentials that they need upon graduation to shape a successful future.

Taking it a step further, organizers used racetrack decorations -- including a model race car -- throughout the venue to help students relate to the message. In addition to the more rigid programming, students also learned some of the basics, including how to tie a necktie and craft a resume. 


South Middle School students reflect on their experience at CareerTrek

"I thought it was fun because I went around to all of these jobs, and I actually want to do them." – George West

"I got to discover jobs that I didn't know were out there, so I got interested in other jobs." – Aaliyah Jones

"I found out that I was interested in things I didn't expect to be interested in." – Jacqueline Bernal



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