Student-Athletes Earn Digital Badges On and Off the Field

digital badge students
South Middle School Athletic Director Brendan Netherton explains the APS Digitial Badge program to eighth-grade students Jaimison Johnson, left, and Jayden Lavigne. South is one of the first schools in the district to expand the credentialing program to student athletes for their mastery of 21st Century Skills.

Playing sports isn’t always just about showing off one’s physical abilities. Look closely and you will find many examples of athletes using skills such as critical thinking, collaboration and self-direction to succeed. This year, middle and K-8/P-8 school athletic directors and coaches are using the APS Digital Badge Program to recognize these 21st century skills in our student-athletes.

Through Digital Badging, student-athletes now have the opportunity to earn credentials that demonstrate mastery of 21st century skills outside of the classroom.

“The goal here is really to get our kids recognized and seen,” said Brendan Netherton, South Middle School’s athletic director. “We don’t recognize them enough for their accomplishments and how they have improved as leaders, communicators, etc.”

Digital Badging allows staff members to validate student achievement in classrooms, on sports fields and through clubs and activities.

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