2016 Bond Projects to Begin Soon!


Since the approval of ballot measure 3C, the $300 million bond measure in November, the APS Construction Management and Support Department has begun to develop the master project schedule and bond implementation timeline. The 2016 bond implementation timeline will be presented to the Board of Education for review and approval in February 2017.

The bond projects will fund facility, technology and security improvements at every APS school, with a higher percentage of funding allocated for schools with high enrollment growth.

The $300 million bond measure is based on the recommendations of the APS Long Range Facilities Advisory Committee (LRFAC), a group comprised of community members, parents, City of Aurora planning staff, and school and administrative staff. Bond funds can only be used for capital construction or technology improvements. Funds cannot be used for any school district costs such as staffing, educational programs, materials or operations. If additional funds become available from bond savings, that money will be allocated to additional construction and technology improvements.

APS will share regular updates with the community on bond projects, including on-time and on-budget status. For a full list of bond projects, please visit bond.aurorak12.org/projects.