Kenton Elementary Latest 7Readers are Leaders Winner

7Readers are LeadersThe staff members at Kenton Elementary School really care about their students. Like, a lot. While they're able to show students their love every day, sometimes it's the subtle gestures that go the furthest.

Recently, first-grade teacher Kathryn Arnold submitted a winning entry into KMGH-Channel 7's 7Readers are Leaders program, which was developed to facilitate and encourage reading among young elementary school children, and to foster the art of storytelling in the community. As the winning school, Kenton first-grade students earned a Denver7 Reading Day visit from meteorologist Lisa Hidalgo, who read "Miss Nelson Is Missing" aloud to them. Every first-grade student received a copy of the book and few encouraging words from Hidalgo. In addition, program partner Mountain States Toyota presented Kenton with $1,000 to use for its library. 

APS salutes Arnold for being aware of her students needs. Her initiative speaks to the APS 2020: Shaping the Future core belief that all students must have equitable access to learning opportunities, technology and environments that support them in reaching their full potential.

Congratulations to Kenton! 

7Readers are Leaders

7Readers are Leaders