Inside the Game: Winter Sports Athletic Profiles

Winter sports profileAurora Public Schools offers competitive athletic programs for all middle and high school students, including basketball, track and field, soccer and wrestling. Participation in athletics is designed to promote school spirit, provide a healthy outlet for energy, improve student morale and increase community involvement and support. It also aligns with the APS 2020: Shaping the Future core belief that every student has unique abilities that we must recognize and engage.

Meet APS student athletes Nancy Dorado, Tristan Curtis and Matt Johnson. Representing volleyball,basketball and wrestling, these four all-stars are on their way to the top and enjoy using athletics as an outlet.


Winter sports profile

Nancy Dorado
Grade: Eighth
School: South Middle School
Current Winter Sport:
Favorite Athlete: Cristiano
Ronaldo (Forward – Real
Madrid and the Portugal
national soccer team)
Sports goal for 2016-17: “I
hope I have a good season. I
want to score as much as I can
and help my teammates out. I want the team to go far.”


Winter sports profile

Tristan Curtis
Grade: Junior
School: Vista PEAK
Current Winter Sport:
Favorite Athlete: Nahshon
Garrett (All-American
Wrestler – Cornell
Sports goal for 2016-17:
“I want to end my career
with 100 wins, so I need to
get at least 25 this year.”


Winter sports profile

Matt Johnson
Grade: Senior
School: Rangeview High School
Current Winter Sport: Basketball
Favorite Athlete: Stephen Curry (Guard
– Golden State Warriors)
Sports goal for 2016-17: “I want to go
out my last year as best as I can. I’ll do
whatever it takes to help my team win a
state championship.”




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