Vaughn Students Get a Glimpse into Life after Elementary School

ch-vaughn-student-mentors-46As a young student, the thought of middle school, high school or college may create feelings of uncertainty. The idea of bigger buildings, tougher courses and increased responsibility can spark many questions. Thanks to staff and volunteers at Vaughn Elementary School, students no longer have to wonder.

The school introduced a mentor program that welcomes older students into the classroom to share their experiences with the younger students first hand.  The program will help students create plans for the future based on informed decisions.

What kind of sports are there in middle school? What is lunch like in high school? Can you sit at whatever desk you want to in college? These are just a few of the burning questions the elementary students sought answers to.

“I told the kids the truth so they can be prepared for what’s next,” said South Middle School seventh-grade student Conyeh Lucas about his experience as a mentor.

“By letting students know what they can expect, it helps them to not be so overwhelmed,” Hinkley High School mentor Christian Nangauta added. “That can take a toll on you and cause you to struggle.”

Vaughn staff members brought in different groups of mentors each week for an entire month and are excited to launch the program again in the spring. 

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