Recognizing Excellence in APS

sable-moo-ku-paw-02-verticalAurora Public Schools is excited to see the APS 2020: Shaping the Future strategic plan coming to life across the district. Students, parents, staff and community members are going above and beyond to ensure APS students have the plans, skills and credentials they need to shape successful futures.

Each month, we celebrate great examples of this work in our P-20 Learning Communities. Following are highlights from Community P.

Moo Ku Paw
Sable Elementary School fifth-grade student Moo Ku Paw (pictured right) continuously exceeds the expectations of her teachers, family and peers. Elected as a student council representative for her homeroom, her hard work, leadership and eagerness to help others is evident every day.

Moo Ku Paw dedicates her time outside of the classroom to gain valuable skills, which is Goal 2 of our Strategic Plan. She participates in Sable’s Art Group, the School Safety Program and was recently nominated as Mayor for the Ameritowne financial literacy program. Her teachers revere her as a selfless leader whose positive energy is refreshing and contagious.

Marcos Stephens
Marcos Stephens, on behalf of the Northrop Grumman Foundation, has helped develop, lead and support many APS programs for many years. Thanks to the contributions from this leading global security company, our students enjoy unique learning opportunities.

Their generous funds continue to help cover programs, including:
• APS CyberPatriot teams;
• The Girls on the Run/Fit girls after school program;
• Space and STEM camps;
• Gateway’s Innovation Hyper-Lab;
• and Aurora Frontier P-8’s science lab makeover.

Northrop Grumman’s efforts help us meet the diverse needs of our students. We thank them for their generous contributions.

Stephanie Saiz
Vaughn Elementary School second-grade teacher Stephanie Saiz is relentless in her pursuit to help students gain 21st century skills. She embraces each student’s unique social, emotional and academic abilities and partners with parents to help students build upon those skills. Together, Stephanie and Vaughn families create a unified voice to increase student achievement.

Stephanie works with colleagues to utilize data to create effective strategies to teach diverse learners.

Suzanne Acheson
Hinkley High School Assistant Principal Suzanne Acheson earned the 2017 Assistant Principal of the Year for Colorado for secondary schools award.

The honor recognizes Suzanne for cultivating a “culture of care," serving as a role model among her colleagues and establishing Hinkley’s IB and pathway programs.

Alison Ostrom
Vaughn Elementary School Interventionist Alison Ostrom always puts her students first, focusing on the specific interventions each student needs. While monitoring students’ progress, she uses data to make informed in-th- moment decisions that impact students' learning and future needs.

When asked to support teachers with those types of strategies, Alison immediately jumps at the chance in order to ensure every student receive the highest-quality education.

Janeth Tolentino Sanchez
Vaughn Elementary School parent and volunteer Janeth Tolentino Sanchez goes above and beyond to support teachers, students and the greater Vaughn community. She is the school's lead parent volunteer and continues to be an integral part of the Vaughn's thriving family engagement plan.

Janeth embodies the belief that all students can and will learn.

Brad Martin
Difference Makers Optimist Club of Aurora member Brad Martin is a unique resource in the community who partners with Vaughn Elementary School to support families. He provides valuable resources in the form of food, bedding and appliances that families need to stay safe and survive. As a result, he helps parents bring students to school who are ready to learn.

Brad recognizes the needs of not only the Vaughn community, but also several other APS school communities. Our district's families are appreciative of his weekly donations that support students in their homes.

APS thanks each individual mentioned above for making a difference in our students’ lives by dedicating their time, talents and resources.